Growing up in Niagara Falls, my aunt and my mom have been mentors for me when learning how to bake. Every year, my aunt and I would make holiday cookies and spend hours decorating and perfecting them and creating new designs each year. Aside from the traditional recipes we made from year to year, every time that we got together for a baking day, and to this day, we still look up new recipes and baked goods to try. After graduating from McGill University and living in San Francisco for a year, I am now in Vancouver and baking continues to be a huge part of my life. Over the last several years, I have worked with kids in various capacities such as a counsellor at summer camp, a behaviour therapist and teaching piano just to mention a few. There is nothing more fulfilling than the smiles I see on other's faces when they try something I have created from scratch. I hope that I can inspire others to enjoy baking as much as I do! 

Jordana's Recipe: Saks of Sweets Baking Birthday Parties

  • One hefty amount of love for baking!
  • One endless amount of energy for hanging with the kids!
  • One enormous quantity of creativity for each unique party!

I threw my three favourite things (baking, kids, and parties), into a large mixing bowl, whisked them together for a while until perfectly fun, fluffy, and delicious and voilà... out came Saks of Sweets Baking Birthday Parties! 

It is my priority to ensure a memorable party for all involved because a happy you is a happy me.